Riverdale Times #8 Welcome Android Players!

Android Release!

We have been working hard and tirelessly to bring Archie: Riverdale Rescue to Android, and we are proud to say it has finally launched! I would like to take this time  to welcome our new Android friends to Riverdale.

So today we’re going to take some time and go over some of the basics of the game.


Located on the left side of the screen you will find an icon that will appear as either an  orange exclamation mark, “!” ,or a blue question mark, “?”. This icon opens up the tutorial. When you come across something new, the icon will change to the orange exclamation mark. When you have looked at all new information, it will change to the blue question mark. If you have any troubles at all throughout the game, the tutorial is available at anytime.



Game Basics:


There are a few different types of currency in Archie: Riverdale Rescue. Those being Cash, Soda and Energy. Cash and Soda can both be used to purchase decorations, trees, flowers and clothing packs.

archie_ui_sodaSoda, being a premium currency can also be used to purchase new characters and buildings, and hurry tasks to complete them instantly. Both Cash and Soda can be purchased in various quantities from the IAP store.

archie_ui_energyEnergy is a self-renewing resource that is used to clean up the trash that has appeared around Riverdale. Cleaning up trash, long grass and dirt patches costs 10% of your total energy, and it refills to 100% every hour.

If you’ve used up all of your energy and don’t want to wait an hour for it to refill, I have some good news! You can always purchase Hot Dog for 130 Soda, which will give you unlimited energy and clean up as much trash as you want!

However, not all that needs to be cleaned up can be so easily cleaned. Things like dead trees, broken benches and light posts require a character to complete a task to clean or fix. Just tap the item and assign a character to the task to fix it up.


The basics of the game is to complete quests by assigning characters to  tasks. These quest tasks, as well as building-specific tasks can be seen by tapping on the building. This will bring up the buildings task list. Select a task and assign whomever you wish to it. Completing enough tasks will allow you to upgrade your buildings, and increas your Riverdale Rating!

Spin the Bottle

Available for almost every task is Spin the Bottle. After selecting the characters you wish for any given task, you will be given the option for playing spin the bottle for the reasonable cost of one “Soda”.



Quests are shown along the right side of the screen as loose leaf paper. Tapping a quest will show some dialogue between the characters and then finally the goal of the quest. Tapping the checkmark will take you directly to the building and task. If the required characters are both free they will be automatically assigned to the task. Once the task has been completed, tap the quest again to collect your rewards.

Fixing up Riverdale

You may be asking yourself, why am I doing all this? Well that’s simple. It’s to fix up, beautify and personalize your very own Riverdale. You can do this by cleaning up trash, upgrading buildings and buying and placing decorations, trees and flowers. This is all kept track of with your Riverdale Rating.

Tap the Purple Star with the “R” in the lower right of the screen. This will open your awards menu which will tell you your total Riverdale Rating. A certain rating not high enough? Just tap the purple question mark “?” next to the type of rating and it will tell you what you can do to raise it.


You can also view your completed and in-progress “Archievements” from here buy tapping the Riverdale High Yearbook. Completing these “Archievments” will award extra currency rewards and bragging rights!

Unlocking Land

As you level up in the game new sections of Riverdale will become available. In order to unlock these new sections you will have to complete specific objectives. Tap the sign post in the clouds with the character’s head on it to open up the needed objectives. The first objective will be a specific quest you’ll have to complete. Then you will need to place specific decorations and in some cases reach a specified Riverdale Rating.

Unlock Land


The Menu

To access the menu tap Veronica’s Cellphone in the lower-right of the screen with the image of a house and wrench. Within the menu you will find buttons for the Store, Friends, Info, Edit, Google Play and Options.

From the Store you can purchase new characters, clothing packs, trees or flowers, decorations or more currency. You can even access your inventory of unused items.

The Friends tab lets you connect your game to Facebook and Twitter so you can tell your friends about all your fun and progress in Riverdale. Inviting your Facebook friends unlocks unique rewards.

The Info tab shows the progress each character has growing their relationship bonds with other characters. Switching to the tab with the T-shirt also shows all the available outfits for that character.

Tapping Edit opens Edit mode. From here you can move any building or decoration you want. It also allows you to add and remove Land, Water or Roads from around Riverdale allowing you to personalize it to your heart’s content.

Unique to Android, there is a Google Play button that allows you to view the Archievements unlocked for your Google play account.

Finally the options menu allows you to adjust both the Music and sound effect volumes. You can also turn on and off game notifications, and rate the game.

Also, if you ever encounter any issues, or just have a concern, you can contact us from here by selecting “Contact Support” at the top of this page.

 Tips and Tricks

We know all you Android players have been waiting quite awhile for this, so here are a few tips and tricks for you to get a quick headstart on the game:

  •  Make sure that all your available characters are busy on tasks before leaving the game. If you don’t have any quest tasks for them, assign them to a general building task.
  • Upgrading buildings, and increasing your Riverdale Rating increases the amount of Cash and XP collected from buildings. Upgrade them as soon as you can to ensure maximum output.
  •  Don’t like all that trash that spawns every hour or so? It can only spawn on land, and not on Water or Roads…do with that what you will.
  • Getting characters into BFF and Couples will allow them to complete special Relationship tasks, which award extra rewards.


So there you have it, a primer on Archie: Riverdale Rescue. I hope you all found this useful, but if you have anymore questions, our FAQ may have the answer.

Enjoy your time in Riverdale!





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