Riverdale Times #9

Hallowe’en 2014 Update!

It’s that time of year again, to dress up is ridiculous costumes, gorge on chocolate and candy, and to scare the bejebus out of each other. We have several things in this years Hallowe’en update for you to enjoy. Including new decorations, costume packs and special Hallowe’en themed quests!

So update and enjoy this year’s Spookiness.


Hallowe’en Quests

This year Shrill releases a starchie curse onto Riverdale. Follow the gang’s misadventures trying to rid Riverdale of these ghostly apparitions. Watch Reggie prank the teachers, Trev play the best show ever, and Cricket to come up with an awesome costume idea!

Haunted House

Available in this update is the focus of this year’s Hallowe’en themed quests, the Haunted House. A special building available in the Premium Characters/Buildings tab of the Store for $2500.


Hallowe’en Decorations

Your town not spooky enough? It feels too cheery, not bone-chilling enough? Good news! Decorate your town with special Hallowe’en decoration available for a limited time! These decorations include a Corn Maze, The Andrew’s Family Crypt, Headless Horseman Statue, a Scarecrow, Large Jack-o-Lantern, Magic Mirror and a Monument Gravestone.

D342_cornmaze D337_horseman_2D341_crypt_1

 Hallowe’en Costume Packs

We’ve also added two new Costume Packs, also available for a limited time, and made available the Hallowe’en Costume Packs from last year in case you may have missed them. The new packs are the”Hallowe’en Party” and the “Spooky and Sparkly” packs! These packs include Kevin looking great as Liberace, Dilton as the classic movie monster “The Fly” and Janitor Sven as a cowboy just to name a few.

Grundy-OutfitHalloween Dilton_Halloween Cricket-Halloween Adam-Halloween Sven-Halloween Shrill_halloween Pop-OutfitHalloween Moose-OutfitHalloween Midge-Halloween Kevin-OutfitHalloween


This Hallowe’en is gearing up to be a memorable one, so join the gang in Riverdale for a Spooky time!


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